Friday, June 22, 2012

The Art of Music Performance

by Barry Green

The key to staying in the zone is to stay with the music,
to stay with your role as the messenger
who brings the audience this gift.
This is your obligation and your pleasure.

 When we recognize that the zone exists
and allow ourselves to be touched by it,

we can enter a world of balance, perfection and beauty.

In this space, we are able to perform

from a place of potential that we often don’t realize

 exists within each and every one of us.
This place of musical magic is always there,

as close as our own concentration. 

 When you feel the sweep of the music
flowing through you and trust the instincts
you have established through passion and practice,
you are far more likely to get the individual notes right
 and project the spirit of the music loud and clear.
And it is that spirit of the music
that the audience actually responds to.

So often one can perform memorized music
in the comfort of your private practice space.
But expressing oneself in public
demands a higher level of mastery.


by Barry Green

The process of merging with another individual in a duo
 or a larger group of musicians, or with an audience,
 is the essence of communication

There has to be a willingness to participate
that comes from trusting or letting go
 to the energy and spirit of the music, whether
you are a performer or a member of the audience. 

This communication is made possible
by the silent rhythm that connects everyone.
This is what allows for spontaneous magic
to lift people into a perfect synchrony
where everyone can perform
and experience the music as one.