Monday, June 18, 2012


 What other composers say about Mozart?
Read some famous quotes by another composers about WA. Mozart!

“The marvelous beauty of his quartets and quintets, 
and of some of his sonatas, 
first converted me to this celestial genius, 
whom whence forth I worshiped.”  
~  Hector Berlioz, Memoirs

“It is hard to think of another composer who so perfectly marries form and passion.” 
~ Leonard Bernstein

“If we cannot write with the beauty of Mozart, 
let us at least try to write with his purity.”  
~  Johannes Brahms,  
In a letter to Antonin Dvorak

“Together with the puzzle, Mozart gives you the solution.” 
~ Ferruccio Busoni

“Mozart encompasses the entire domain of musical creation, 
but I’ve got only the keyboard in my poor head.” 
Frederic Chopin

“Mozart tapped the source from which all music flows, 
expressing himself with a spontaneity and refinement and breathtaking rightness.”  
~  Aaron Copland, Copland on Music, 1960

“I have never known any other composer to possess such an amazing wealth of ideas. 
I wish he were not so spendthrift with them. 
He does not give the listener time to catch his breath…”  
~  Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Contemporary of Mozart, in his Autobiography


“Mozart’s music is particularly difficult to perform. 
His admirable clarity exacts absolute cleanness: 
the slightest mistake in it stands out like black on white. 
It is music in which all the notes must be heard.”  
Gabriel Faure

“Before Mozart, all ambition turns to despair.”  
~  Charles Gounod

“In Bach, Beethoven and Wagner we admire principally 
the depth and energy of the human mind;
in Mozart, the divine instinct.”  
~  Edvard Grieg

“I tell you before God and as an honest man 
that your son is the greatest composer known to me; 
he has taste and in addition the most complete knowledge of composition.”  
~  Franz Joseph Haydn,  
to Leopold, Mozart’s father, 
after hearing the six quartets Mozart dedicated to him in 1785

“The place in the center belongs to Mozart, 
due to the universality of his genius.”  
~  Franz Liszt,  
in a letter to Marie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, December 10, 1872

“I replied, however, that I should be only too happy 
to renounce all my virtues in exchange for Mozart’s sins.”  
~  Felix Mendelssohn, Letters

“Beethoven I take twice a week, Haydn four times, 
and Mozart every day!”  
~  Gioachino Rossini

“Give Mozart a fairy tale and he creates without effort an immortal masterpiece.”  
~  Camille Saint-Saëns

“O Mozart, immortal Mozart, how many, 
how infinitely many inspiring suggestions of a finer, 
better life have you left in our souls!”  
~  Franz Schubert, Diary, 1816

“Does it not seem as if Mozart’s works become fresher and fresher the oftener we hear them?”  
~  Robert Schumann

“The most tremendous genius raised Mozart above all masters, 
in all centuries and in all the arts.”  
~  Richard Wagner

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