Sunday, February 15, 2015

"DIY MUSIC TERM FLASHCARDS" - by: Jelia Megawati Heru

by: Jelia Megawati Heru

As a music teacher, you must know, 
how hard to make music students learn 
the performing directions/music terms in foreign language. Right?

So, I came up with the idea to make my own flashcards.
I even made them in different colors and shapes.

At the beginning seems a lot of work and effort.
But it's totally worth it. It helps my students to learn the music terms.
They could bring them anywhere in pocket size.

Here's the DIY tutorial.

1. used calendar or card/paper stock (size: A4 or letter)
2. paper single hole punch
3. jailers key ring (big size)
4. scissor
5. paper cutter board (with ruler and presser)
6. laminating sheets 
7. laminating machine
8. multimark permanent marker (faber castell), size M
9. round puncher (alternative)
10. music dictionary

Card stock (choose your favorite color) & Jailers Key Ring

Paper Cutter Board

Paper Single Hole Punch, Laminating Sheets & Machine

Multimark Permanent Marker (M)

Round Puncher


1. Download and print the terminology HERE or HERE


write them manually the music term that's needed/necessary with the permanent marker on one side and the meaning on the other side.

Write it in capital letter and the origin of language.
Example: LANGSAM (Ger.) -> Ger. = German, Fr. = French, It. = Italian 

2. Cut the card stock with the paper cutter board into 8-10 pieces (same size)

3. Laminate the card stock in laminating sheets with laminating machine or you could go to the photocopy shop to get it done. Give a bit space from one cards to another cards before laminating them, ca. 1 inch.

4. Cut the laminated cards with the paper cutter board.

5. Cut the four edges of the cards, make them round with the scissor.

6. Make a hole in the cards with the paper single hole puncher and bind them together with jailers key ring. Or you could place them in a tin can or cute little Tupperware/container.


I think the rounded flash cards is kind of unique, artistic, and practical than the normal 'boring' flash cards. You just take an old calendar with the scenery and it's thick enough. So, you don't have to laminate them anymore. Kind of saving a lot of work and money. Of course the round puncher is not cheap. This is the moment, when my scrapbook hobby is paid of. :)
1. Punch the used calendar with the round puncher into circle.

2. Write the music terms manually with the permanent marker OR the other way around. 

You could print the music terms first and use the round puncher, its size fits with the music terms. I find it's easier to write it manually, so that the words will fit in the middle of the circle. Because the used calendar couldn't be printed with normal printer. It has a glossy surface and the size of calendar is varies. Sometimes is even too big for our printer. Usually the used calendar is quite thick. So, you don't have to laminate them anymore.

3. Make a hole in the cards with the paper single hole puncher and bind them together with jailers key ring.  

Too complicated? Don't want to do such great length to study the music terms?
Learn them online HERE via Quizlet