Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jelia's Twinkle - Twinkle Little Stars ala Indonesia

(for two pianos, eight hands)
by Michael Gunadi Widjaja

is one of the most famous songs for many decades.
Its origin is a lullaby. A Nursery song with the lyric of old English poem, 
that created by Jane Taylor.

(from Mr. Michael Gunadi Widjaja)

The melody of this piece is stepping in common interval. 
So children can relatively easy to sing out this piece. 
The harmony structure seems like giving some kind of “open space” to being explored. 
This may be one cause of why the twinkles composed in many different forms of music, include as a lesson song.

Jelia asked me to make an attractive and unique arrangement 
for this twinkle that contains love, passion, 
and true friendship among her Suzuki colleagues. 
So I choose a popular music format for theme structure with kind of dissonant chordal. 
It expresses the meaning that friendship is not always going to be smooth.

In the second movement
I used one of the early Jazz form “RAGTIME” 
as a manifestation of dynamic relation.
In Jazz someone can share the musical passion 
to each other in jam session, just like friendship.

In the third movement, there is Dang Dut. 
Focused on the fact that it may contain many tradition elements. 
As if to remind that friendship never be loose from its cultural root. 
In the other side, Dang Dut is sexy, erotic, and passionate. 

In other words, this is Jelia’s Twinkle, 
 that has a lot of side – 
still has the virtuosity in true friendship, 
but also very passionate and exciting.

I call it a composition, even the theme is not mine.
Format: Piano Ensembles - 2 pianos, 8 hands 

Listen "Jelia's Twinkle" HERE  

Get the music score HERE

(for 2 pianos, 8 hands)
by Michael Gunadi Widjaja
Pianolicious Moment @ Istituto Italiano, October 6th, 2012