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Training/Courses at SMAI (Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia)


Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia's Mission is to advance the future generations of Indonesia through Suzuki Education and develop citizens of character through the learning of classical music.


The SMAI provides programs and benefits to members throughout Indonesia. With the International Suzuki Association (ISA) Asian Suzuki Association (ASA), the SMAI promotes and supports the spread of Dr. Suzuki’s teachings and philosophy.

Membership Levels

Active Members: Individual Rp. 350,000/ year

Any student/ individual shall be eligible for Individual membership if enrolled for tuition with a teacher member or shows interest in furthering the purposes and objectives of SMAI.

Active Members: Family Rp. 500,000/ year

A family shall be eligible for Family Membership when at least one child is enrolled for tuition with a teacher member.

Active Members: Teachers Rp. 350,000/ year

SMAI Teacher members are those who are pursuing to beaccredited as a Suzuki Teacher and have the appropriate qualifications and background.

Benefits of Membership

Teacher Development Program

Short Courses, Workshops, Guest Teachers, Mentoring and Support for Teacher Members

Registry Program

Register of Teachers and Members that allows for Suzuki Association members to network anywhere in Indonesia

Workshops, Conferences and Gatherings

Members only program of events

Scholarship Program

Subsidies for teacher training and students based on need and merit

Organizational Support

Support for teacher training and advice for developing Suzuki programs in schools and studios

SMAI Journal

Email updates of events, opportunities and articles on parent education.


Graduations can be a great source of anticipation, motivation and inspiration for parents and students when well prepared. All qualifying students are given the opportunity to join a Graduation Concert to be held at least once a year. Instrument committees organize these concerts with the assistance of parent committees. Students need to audition by presenting pieces from the book they wish to ‘graduate’ from in an audition video (preferred) or a recording submitted to the SMAI Head Office. The lead teacher of instrument being studied will assess the recording with a minimum of one other member teacher from the instrument committee and decide on the readiness of the student to participate in an upcoming Graduation Concert. Successful ‘graduates’ will receive a certificate from SMAI and their graduation will be registered in their membership file.

Join or Renew TODAY!

To join the SMAI or to renew your membership download the SMAI Membership Form to mail or fax or scan/ email in with a copy of the bank transfer slip. Membership is not considered complete until a copy of the bank transfer slip is received. Annual membership renewal notices will be issued based on the date of transfer/ payment of fees.

Advantages of being a Suzuki Teacher

Once a music teacher really understands and experiences the philosophy of the Suzuki Method there is no turning back! Some of the rewards of being a Suzuki Teacher include:

  1. Being a member of the worldwide Suzuki community of fellow teachers and learners
  2. Professional Development opportunities
  3. Life long learning in music
  4. Registration and promotion of your studio on the SMAI website
  5. Secured income as a certified and qualified Suzuki teacher
  6. Opportunities for performance, taking part in regional, international conferences and workshop

Suzuki Teacher Training in Indonesia

Teacher training courses provide the following content: (page 3 of publication: ASA Teacher Training and Assessment Guide)

  • Intensive Study of Suzuki philosophy
  • Intensive individual study of the instrument, focusing on the technique, tone production and sound needed to teach young children. Candidates should have the ability to play competently outside the repertoire.
  • Step-by-step mastery of teaching points in the repertoire and of the psychology of teaching.
  • Structure of individual and group lessons.
  • Observation of group and individual lessons given by recognized Suzuki teachers.
  • Supervised teaching of children.
  • Lectures and discussions on child development, with particular regard to the parent/child relationship.
  • Solo performance
  • Discussions

Five day Short Courses by Asia Suzuki Association

Approved ASA training programs will be offered twice a year for violin, cello and piano as long as there are sufficient trainees. ONE book is one 5 day course.  The Book violin course will be offered at the Suzuki Institute (June) only and has additional hours of lecture and observation. 


    1. Candidates must audition as required by ASA Trainer
    2. Minimum 15 hours of lecture and 8 hours of observation (Book 1= 23 hours lecture and 15 hours of observation)
    3. Additional hours of observation recommended
    4. Trainees may not miss any hours of lecture or observation
    5. An essay assignment will be required for each level. This essay may be in Bahasa Indonesia.
    6. Teachers who successfully pass the ASA examination for a short course will have their coursework registered with SMAI and the completed course will be on the SMAI teacher register page of the website.

Audition Requirements to participate in ASA Training Book 1 Level:

Book 2: Handel, Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus
Book 3: Dvorak, Humoresque
Book 4: Vivaldi Concerto in A minor either 1st or 3rd movement

Book 6: Breval Sonata in C major, 1st movement

Book 7: Mozart's Sonata in A major, K. 331 1st movement

On completion of a course ASA trainers will consult with the trainees individually and assess trainee’s performance of the book being studied.  A certificate will be issued after all aspects of the course have been completed. 

2011-12 Five Day Training Course Dates:

Nov 25-29           Piano Teacher Training Level 3 at SMAI Kemang
Feb 2012             Feb 8-15 Violin & Cello Teacher Training at SPH/ISI Jogya
March 28-April 1   Piano Teacher Training Level 1 at SMAI Kemang
June 17-22          Violin & Cello Teacher at SPH
June 18-22          Suzuki Student Camp at SPH