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Yoseph Sitompul learned Electone organ at the age of 6 in a wide variety of music courses (JVC, Kawai and Yamaha). At the age of 9, he has started playing music in church in genres Pop, Rock, R 'n B, and Gospel. He worked as an architect after graduating from Parahyangan Architecture Bandung in 2003.

Four years later (2007) after worked as an architect, he decided to pursue his passion in music especially in Jazz. He studied at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI) for two years. He got his first classical piano lessons at IMDI with Jelia Megawati Heru. ​​He participated in a lot of workshops, especially Porch Jazz at the GoetheHaus.

Currently he is working as a musician (pianist), teacher and arranger in various events, wedding, and as a session player for artists such as Monita Tahalea, Tohpati Big Band, Yance Manusama Youth, Lala Karmela, Indonesian Youth Regeneration (IYR), and Richard Chriss. He is actively performing in Java Jazz Festival Jazz, Indonesian Jazz Festival, JakJazz, Locafore Bandung, Jimbaran Jazz Festival, and Jazz Goes To Campus UI.

His band "Subway Heat" through the single "Nonton Bioskop" in the compilation album "Benjamin On Jazz" and was nominated in the category of Jazz/Jazzy duo/group for AMI Awards (2013). In the same year he's recording for an album "Song of Praise" from Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales, that produced by Indra Lesmana.


In May 2014 he released his first album titled "Menunggumu" (Waiting For You). The album is essentially a collection of stories and his journey in life - that poured out in music. The songs are written by Yoseph himself. With a blend of thematic melody and harmony in each composition. Where there is space in each composition improvisation and rhythmic harmony from various instruments incorporated therein.

The composition of the album is dominated by acoustic instruments. The instrumentation is the combination of combo from acoustic piano, contra bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, and vocals. All compositions have one or two instruments highlighted therein, to convey the message/statement of his past solo (improvisation). 

This album also features his several viewpoints as a piano player. As an instrument of harmony, as a rhythmic instrument, as improvisatory instrument, and as an accompaniment instrument. Jazz music that presented in this album is quite easy listening, with some color combination of music - among others Brazillian, Blues, Soul, and Pop-Jazz. Yoseph tried to explore the possibility of a new rhythm and harmony while still prioritizing lyrical themes in each composition.

The Album is also featuring musicians, such as:
Chaka Priambudi (contra bass)
Jessilardus Mates (drums)
Ricad Hutapea (tenor saxophone)
Tiyo Alibasjah (guitar)
Richard Christian (vocal)

"Need Somebody" - tatkala perlu untuk berbagi rasa
"Santai Woi" (Stay Cool) - jangan emosi
"Menunggumu" (Waiting for You) - waktu ingin bertemu
"Sekilas" (Little Moment) - perjumpaan sesaat
"Salam Untuk Ayah" (Greetings for Dad) - sulit juga ya Pap, hidup lurus sepeninggalmu
"Indonesia" - sebaris doa untuk Negeri

"INDONESIA" by Yoseph Sitompul

"MENUNGGUMU" by Yoseph Sitompul @ Mostly Jazz

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