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LAVENDER'S BLUE (DILLY, DILLY) - Music Sheets & Lyrics (OST. Cinderella)


"Lavender's Blue," (perhaps sometimes called "Lavender Blue,") is an English folk song and nursery rhyme dating to the 17th century, which has been recorded in various forms since the 20th century.

A hit version of the song, sung by Burl Ives, was featured in the Walt Disneymovie, So Dear to My Heart (1948) and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. It was Ives' first hit song and renewed the song's popularity in the 20th century. Other hit versions of the song were recorded by Sammy Kaye and Dinah Shore. In 1955, Jazz pianist Jack Pleis recorded it for his album, Music from Disneyland.


Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's green,
When I am king, dilly, dilly, You shall be queen.
Who told you so, dilly, dilly, who told you so?'
Twas my own heart, dilly, dilly, that told me so. 

Call up your men, dilly, dilly, set them to work
Some to the plough, dilly, dilly, some to the fork,
Some to make hay, dilly, dilly, some to cut corn,
While you and I, dilly, dilly, keep ourselves warm.

Lavender's green, dilly, dilly, Lavender's blue,
If you love me, dilly, dilly, I will love you.
Let the birds sing, dilly, dilly, And the lambs play;
We shall be safe, dilly, dilly, out of harm's way. 

I love to dance, dilly, dilly, I love to sing;
When I am queen, dilly, dilly, You'll be my king.
Who told me so, dilly, dilly, Who told me so?
I told myself, dilly, dilly, I told me so

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