Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music Alphabet Blocks Printables


Desperate to teach the students about interval, scales, and triads?
Very expensive teaching tools?
Check this out! 

Music Alphabet Blocks 

Cool 3-D shapes to cut out and glue together. Use card-stock for best results.
Easy to assemble, and inexpensive enough that the students can even take them home.
Use them for learning the musical alphabet, steps, skips, intervals, scales, chords,
and anything else you can think of!

Here are some ideas for activities with the music alphabet blocks:
  • Build the musical alphabet, forwards, backwards, and starting on various letters.
  • Practice organizing letters into skips.
  • Practice intervals by picking a block, then finding a block a fourth higher, fifth lower, and so on.
  • Building triads, and changing them from major to minor, then diminished and augmented.
  • Building scales.

Sometimes the kids can be rough on things, especially in the group lesson. 
 So here is some tips to extend their life time:
  • Laminated (just use a craft knife to score the fold lines before you fold them)
  • Place sections of cardboard on the sides that will face in and that lends support to the overall structure of the cube

You can have the cubes in various colors and sizes for group lessons.
Less stress for the music teacher and fun for the students.
Hope it's helpful and enjoyable. Happy teaching!

Download the pattern HERE
courtesy of Layton Music