Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disney Pianolicious' Tweets


courtesy of: @america

  by: Michael Gunadi Widjaja

There is many concert in megapolitan city in Indonesia. Many kids take part as participants on that concert. Fatally, by the name of good musicality, the funny and cheerful children part is vanished.

"DISNEY PIANOLICIOUS" @america, directed by Jelia Megawati Heru (19/5), represents an inspiring matters. Good music for children that keeps the children's world.

For both of us, this is not just a concert. This is our PASSION OF MUSIC. We're so glad and proud that we can give a musical passion in casual form to many people. Not in a high level dream, but something simple base on passion and love in music.

This is a series of images from the coverage of Disney Pianolicious from audience's angle and point of view through twitter during the performance. Clearly visible even for audiences who can not get into the concert hall because it's already crowded, how they're really enthusiast and excited towards the concert.

Apparently, some communities in Indonesia does require "liaison", namely the cultural conjunction. Between art music with something that is familiar with their lives.

In Very creative way, Jelia Megawati Heru make cultural liaison using Disney and American movies music theme. Disney Concert Pianolicious has already performed with real SMOOTH. Seems that music lovers community in Indonesia, requires an icon. Icon of the world that they can overcome. The world they familiar know. Against age limits and social boundaries. And, Jelia answered that circumstances with brilliant idea using Walt Disney and American Movie Theme as an Icon.

 Here is some twitters (via Twitter) 
from the audience:






watch the full video streaming (via @america):
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