Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's time to get the facts.
Art Facts is the new home for statistics about Australian arts.

playing an instrument is fun, a good way of expressing yourself,
and gives a sense of accomplishment.

One third of kids learn to play musical instruments outside of school,
and 70% of adults end up wishing they had learned.

In the 2006 census around 7,800 people reported primary musician occupations such as instrumental musicians, singers, composers or music directors. Relative to the 12,500 thought to be currently practising professionally, or the 60,000 of those registered with APRA | AMCOS, it is clear that considerable numbers of musicians are not working in musician occupations as their main job. Looking at specific types of music practice suggests that composers/arrangers are the least likely to be practicing as their main job, whereas instrumental players are most likely to.

While women represent 45 percent of those with a music qualification and 50 percent of those that study music, they make up just 20 percent of those registered to receive royalties. There are significantly more male songwriters and musicians in Australia. Unlike the musician population, two thirds of all music teachers are women, highlighting different career paths for men and women in the music industry.