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music educator, lecturer, pianist, and writer
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composer, writer, and music worker

Begin to recognize the piano at age 5 through the guidance of his mother, Marta Suryani Tanjung. At the age 9 started to learn the classical guitar. His passion of music makes him learn music theory, compositorical study, contrapuntal and orchestration under guidance of Slamet Abdul Sjukur. Studied Jazz, Jazz orchestration and improvisation technique under guidance of Jack Lesmana. He gets scholarship in Perth Conservatory, Australia (1989 – 1991) to study New Music and contemporary music landscape with Prof. Dr. Heinz Holliger and attends masterclass of John Williams.

Michael Gunadi Widjaja represents Indonesia at The Asian Composer League in New Zealand for his composition “Processual Procession” for chamber orchestra and gamelan orchestra (1999) and in Manila, Philippines “Reb” for guitar and chamber orchestra (2002). He makes a collaboration CD of mixed culture dialogue between Music and poem featuring Sosiawan Leak, Indonesian poem writer. The CD is collected by deutsche indonesische Gesellschaft Berlin, Germany (2011).

He composes the choreographical music for Dance Department of ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia) Yogyakarta for 5 years (1997-2002), composes music documentaries especially for local government projects. Establish The Shining Star Enrichment Center - the one and only music learning centre in Tegal, Central Java.

In 2004 – 2012 he was the head of music department in City Art Council of Tegal. 
In 2008 – 2012 he was also a member of Performance Department in Province Art Council of Central Java. 

Currently he is the chairman of creativity, music, traditional art and art development in City Art Council of Tegal. Since 1998 until now, he still becomes one of the contributor and writer in AUDIOPRO magazine. Since this year becomes one of the writer of STACCATO music magazine for Jazz rubric and share his musical ideas through his blog:

pianist, composer, and arranger

Born in Jakarta, 29 November 1982. Began studying piano at age 7, then went on classical piano at the Music Education Foundation under the guidance and Sutikaryani Muktidarmi Katamsi Aning. Interested in non-classical piano, Mery and non classical piano study with Andi Arya Putra, Krishna Balagita and then studied improvisation under the guidance of Benny Likumahuwa and Andi Wiriantono. Several master classes have been followed, among others, with jazz pianist Hank Jones in New York in 2005 and drummer Antonio Sanchez in the same year. In 2005 Mery enrolled in the Institut Musik Daya Indonesia with the guidance of the teaching faculties include Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, Aksan Sjuman, Jelia Megawati Heru, and also some teaching master classes include Masako Hamamura, Peter Scher, Denise Jannah, John Hondorp, and other. 

In 2009 Mery completed the Masters program at the Institut Musik Daya Indonesia. Mery involved as a pianist or keyboardist in several musical projects such as Aksan Sjuman and The Committee of The Fest and Iwan Hasan Chamber Jazz, you are with the Joints, etc. In addition Mery also a copyist and orkestrator movie scorer, and Titi Aksan Sjuman.

Mery made since 2010 show a few projects such as "Chinese woman", a composition for Flute, Cello, Glockenspiel, and Vocals performed at Little Theatre with Theatre PQHO, then a project Big Band performed in the Goethe Haus in order Veranda Jazz in July 2010. The project consists of Piano, Cello (or Kontrabass) and vocals are also shown in Bandung Art Vaganza and Ambon Jazz Festival. 

In 2010 Mery was also a music arranger for the 2010 National Christmas with orchestra format. Mery currently active teaching and became Head of the Academic in Ponpin School of Music. In the month of April 2012 and made a collection of compositions for Piano, Kontrabass, Drums, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, bassoon entitled "Glimpses" contains eight compositions, was first staged at the Theatre Salihara female artist in the context of the month. Month of September 2012 it will stage a collection of songs in the project "Silly Little Girl Songbook", composition for two vocals, Piano and Cello in Locafore Jazz Festival, Bandung.

Singer (Bass)

Born in Jakarta and started his choral and vocal experience when joining Maranatha Christian University Choir and Studio Cantorum Choir in Bandung under Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputra.

In 2003, he was chossen to be the member of World Youth Choir until 2006 and works with world conductors Johanes Prinz (Austria), Maria Guinand (Venezuela), Georg Grun (Germany), Anthony Leach (USA), Fred Sjoberg (Sweden), Aharon Harlap (Israel), Philipo Bressan (Italy), Frieder Bernius (Germany) with tour concerts in Swiss, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, South Korea, and Japan.

He was also chosen to be part of World Chamber Choir in 2004 celebrating the 60th anniversary of second World War "D-Day" in Normandy, France with conductor Volker Hempfling (Germany) and 2009 in Sweden.

In 2004 until 2005 was chosen as one of the singer in International Quartet called “Singers of United Lands” in introducing international music to schools and community. Singers of United Lands did tour concerts in USA, Bandung, and was invited as a guest performer of 2nd Symposium on Church Choral Music.

Conducting study with Mr. Andre de Quadroz (Boston University). Nathanael Ahimsa became the conductor of Studio Cantorum Choir (2005 – 2006). The choir won the 1st Youth Competition in Hong kong and silver medal in World Choir Games in Xiamen, China for category mixed youth choir.

In 2012, he was also invited as a member of juror for “Musikahan Sa Tagum” Choral Competition, that was held in Tagum City, Philippines.

As a soloist, he often invited as guest soloist for concerts.
Nathan played the role of Coline in Giacomo Puccini "La Boheme" with Twilight Youth Orchestra under the direction of Eric Awuy (conductor) at the Jakarta Arts Building in SuSvara opera Opera Company debut in 2007 In 2007.

Right now he is a director of music program in Sinfonia Music Studio, Bandung and also co-conductor of Maranatha Christian University Choir in Bandung. In 2012 the choir has participated in International Choral Competition in Tolosa, Spain.

He also a founder of music education movement "Music Without Border" that has a mission to connect international musicians with Indonesian musicians since 2010 and actively giving music workshops to encourage and inspires young musicians in learning music.