Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Infographic: "Learning to Think Like an Artist" - Art is Good!


How learning art is good for us?
What do we learn from art?
  1. Art stimulates both sides of the brain and creates a holistic world view.
  2. Children who do art are better readers and excel in math and science.
  3. Children express themselves and learn about who they are. Their art is unique.
  4. Arts builds self-esteem and is empowering.
  5. Art is something to share. It builds connections to friends, family and community.
  6. Art teaches risk taking and learning from one's mistake.
  7. Art teaches the use and care of tools.
  8. Art develops hand-eye coordination and builds a relationship to the material world.
  9. Art teaches open-ended thinking and creates an environment of questions rather than answers.
  10. Art teaches children that there be more than one solution to the same problem.
  11. Art nurtures the human soul.
  12. 33% of children are visual learners.
  13. Art develops focus and increases the attention.
  14. Art provides a way, a common ground to reach across racial stereotypes, social barriers, and prejudices.
  15. Art steps out of the limitation of time (everlasting) and allows a child to be present in the moment.
  16. Art is beautiful.
  17. Art open the heart and mind to possibilities.
  18. Art is mysterious, enchanting, amazing, mesmerizing, and something all children easily do while adults often find it difficult.
  19. When art is integrated with other curriculum areas, children become more engaged in the learning process.
  20. Children can share and reflect on their art to learn about themselves, each other, and the world that they live in.
  21. Art teaches one to explore playfully, without preconceived plan, learning from accidents, and being surprised.
  22. Art awakens the imaginations and allows the magic in.
  23. Art creates direct observational skills, learning to see more closely than "ordinary" looking and seeing things that otherwise might not be seen.
  24. The beginning of recorded history is directly connected to cave paintings and sculptures.
  25. Art develops instinct and intuition. 
  26. A Pablo Picasso paintings sold for 104 million dollars.

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You don’t need a high class education to find “meaning” of art. Art either speaks to you or it doesn’t. If a piece does not move you, or hold meaning in your heart, why should you bother with it at all if art is an expression of yourself?

Any form of expression that moves you; a sight, image, visual, sound that strikes any emotion inside you. To me, art is personal and emotional. In traditional times people had more classic tastes and were very likely moved by an image of a beautiful lady. As society changed so did what people viewed as beautiful. 

Art is a way of expression that comes from the heart and soul to create one’s identity. Art does not specifically have to be a picture that that an “artist” drew. Art can be anything, from a spectacular masterpiece to the simplest body movement, it is all art.  Art can be done by anyone and anything, all it takes is the two simple factors of the heart and soul.

Art is created through human emotions and no matter if those emotions are negative or positive the outcome is…BEAUTIFUL. A world within itself, with a language we could all understand.

So, did you "see" art in life all around you? 
Open your heart and mind, then be inspired! 

"The art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and endure very much"
- William Hazlitt -