Saturday, December 8, 2012

Teaching Triads with Snowman


Hi, music teachers! 
Have a problem teaching triads and the inversion?
Here is some ideas for teaching triads with snowman for the Christmas!


 You could think the triads like the snowman. 
In root position, the triad (1st-3rd-5th) looks like a snowman with head, stomach & feet. 
Who knows, that the theory lesson wouldn't be so boring and complicated anymore.

Before your student learn the triads, 
make sure that they've already familiar with the concept of intervals!
(the 3rd: line-line or space-space & major/minor 3rd)

Here some worksheets for practicing the major and minor triads 
by filling in the missing note.

The major triad consists a major 3rd interval and minor 3rd interval. 
The bigger interval creates a positive and cheerful atmosphere.
So the snowman picture looks so happy, with big smile, and lots of snow.

 On the contrary, the minor triad snowman looks so gloomy. 
Because it consists a minor 3rd interval and major 3rd interval.
The smaller interval between the 1st and 3rd note creates a sad mood.
The sun is rising and the snowman begins to melt...

*Try to teach the basic concept with playing the intervals on the piano, 
so the students develop good ears to interpret and compare the intervals!

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You could also teach the inversion of triads with the snowman puppet, like below here:

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Good luck and wish you have a nice holiday!