Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grand Piano Pop-Up Card Printable


Applicable for: Age 12 years above

  1. One letter sized sheet of card stock or heavy paper. Avoid using plastic coated photographic paper, because those sheets are very difficult to fold and do not glue together properly. 
  2. A scalpel knife (aka Xacto knife) with sharp blades for great delicate precision.
  3. A self-healing cutting mat or sheet of cardboard.
  4. A scoring tool with blunt tip/ball point pen, which no longer works.
  5. A straight ruler.
  6. Glue. A white glue is more durable, apply it very sparingly so your paper is not going to be bumpy. Rubber cement is better and easier to glue paper flat without creating bumps, wrinkles, and will allow minor adjustments.
  • Step 1: CUT with a sharp scalpel knife, cut along the picture using the small figures in the center as guides.
  • Step 2: SCORE with your scoring tool and ruler to draw straight lines along the picture, whenever you see either the dashed or dotted lines on the guide. Press down firmly enough to crush the paper, but be careful to avoid piercing it. Work on a surface which is absolutely smooth, but has a little give: a large paperback book or magazine works perfectly. The board used for cutting will be too bumpy. 
  • Step 3: FOLD Please work with the image facing you and slip your fingers behind the elements which will pop up. Gently nudge them forward as you push the wall down against the floor and press down on all the creases. The folded cards should be flat and smooth. The pop-up should now open and close easily.
  • Step 4: GLUE sparingly on the back side of the wall main card and support card. Working on a flat surface, push the unglued floor against the floor support so the card and its support are perfectly aligned along the fold where floor meets wall. 
  • Precision is very important: the two cards must be pressed together without any gap at the crease to keep it in place, then flip it over and press the glued wall to its support near the crease to keep it in place, then flip it over and press the glued wall down on your flat surface. Apply the glue sparingly to the floor. Position the card by pressing lightly in one or two spots, then fold the card in two and smooth it down when it's closed.      
Download the patterns: HERE
Enjoy and have fun with your new Steinway baby grand piano!
No need to practice on this piano!